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Room Design

Room Design

Custom Laundry Rooms & Creative Redesigns.

A laundry room should not be an afterthought relegated to gloomy, inefficient dungeons. With vision & creativity a necessary chore can be transformed into a pleasant task. In addition to providing our customers with laundry vending machines, we also provide room design consultancy and will create the laundry room of your choosing. If you want a specific color, layout or look, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Some things to consider when determining your laundry room design are:

  • What wall color would you prefer?
  • What floor material would you prefer? Tile, vinyl etc.
  • Do you want tables and if yes, how many would be sufficient and where should they be placed?
  • Where should machine’s be placed, relative to the room entrance and relative to other items in the room (tv, coin machine)?
  • What kind of light fixtures would be most appealing to your room (do you have natural light coming in)?
  • Do you want other vending machines and other mechanical structures in your room (e.g. tv, wireless router)?

With over 50 years in the coin laundry and laundry room design business, we want the opportunity to help you answer these questions and provide your tenants with the best experience that money can buy!